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Diplomatic Academy

Instituto del Servicio Exterior de la Nación

The National Foreign Service Institute (ISEN) of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Worship is the only entity that selects and provides education and training to the members of the National Foreign Service.

The ISEN was founded on 10 April 1963 at the initiative of Foreign Minister Carlos Muñiz during the presidency of José María Guido. Since its creation, it has worked continuously and intensively to train and consolidate a body of highly-qualified professional diplomats of international repute acquired through rigorous standards of training and excellence.

Argentine diplomats that have graduated from the ISEN have, since its creation, served in the ranks of the Permanent Corps of the National Foreign Service, in addition to various sectors of the National Public Administration, in International Organizations, and as professors at national and foreign universities.

For more information, please visit the ISEN website